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Motherhood Sessions

services offered by Corpus Christi motherhood photographer Janelle McDonnell Photography

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I truly believe that mothers are some of the strongest people in the world. They build people from the ground up, with the utmost care for their souls, and are the founders of the unwavering foundation that we stand on today. Motherhood photography is a celebration of everything it means to be a mother, and it’s the beginning of a family history to be handed down long after we pass. No matter who you are, and no matter when your motherhood begins, you have a story worth capturing, and that’s just what motherhood photography accomplishes.

Once you’re a mother, you’re one for life, no matter how far away your children are. Capturing these special moments when they’re so young is invaluable, because this time goes by so fast, as any mom can attest. The pictures that come from your motherhood session are precious treasures, and they will only become more valuable over time, as your children grow. Motherhood photography is like writing down your family history, creating a legacy that will last longer than it takes for your grandchildren to become parents themselves, and they’ll live with your memories in their own hands. I know firsthand how much of a blessing that is, and it inspires me in every session to create heirlooms that truly capture the heart of the mother, to ensure she’s always remembered as the personal image of what it means to be a mother.

Nursing Sessions

Breastfeeding photography sessions are a relaxed, joyful opportunity to photograph you and baby snuggled together while nursing. We’ll time the session for when baby will be eager to breastfeed. Whether you prefer to sit, stand or lie down, we’ll capture these priceless memories in quiet, calm places: the master bedroom, baby’s nursery, your living room, or any other cozy place in your home. If you prefer, we can also schedule your breastfeeding session in a beautiful park, at the beach, botanical gardens or other place.

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