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services offered by Corpus Christi newborn photographer Janelle McDonnell Photography

Studio Newborn Photography

First of all, congratulations on the new bundle of joy you are expecting. Becoming a parent is truly the most important and rewarding job you will ever have! Newborn sessions are my absolute favorite type of sessions.

You will never forget the first moment you laid eyes on your daughter or the first time you heard your son cry. These are truly magical moments. As much as we hope and pray they will stay little forever, they grow up in the blink of an eye. Those first few weeks seem to fly by and each moment becomes a fleeting memory.

As a newborn photographer, I love to capture those first few weeks and turn the resulting images into a work of fine art to be treasured forever. Newborn photography requires a large amount of training and an insane amount of patience, and you’ll be happy to know I have plenty of both! I’ve been referred to as the “Baby Whisperer” on several occasions!

I will create a large variety of photographs of your baby, capturing how special and tiny a newborn can be. Your sweet little newborn is precious cargo! The most important thing with newborn photography is safety. Many of the trendy newborn portraits today must be done very carefully and with a lot of extra photoshop magic in order to achieve the look without compromising the safety of the baby. My number one priority during your session is to ensure that your new baby is comfortable and safe! I am infant cpr certified and have lots of training and experience under my belt - 5 years, in fact - as well as THREE kids of my own! 

Newborn photoshoots take place between birth and up to 2 months. Sessions are best between week 2-4 of life, but I love "older" newborns too and have done newborns as old as 2.5 months! Parents and siblings can be included if desired. I book up quickly, so make sure to set up your session around your second trimester. I'll hold your session based on your due date and once the baby is born, we will schedule your official time and date.

corpus christi newborn photographer,

I set aside 4 hours for my newborn sessions, this allows time for feedings and time for comforting. Most sessions will only take around 2-3 hours, but your baby will essentially run the day so if they need some extra love, there is time for it. I invite you to look over my website and let me know if you see any set ups that you would like to incorporate! A session with me includes full access to all of my props, headbands, outfits, loveys and bonnets. I have every color under the rainbow you could possibly want and any theme you could want to incorporate and IF, IF I don't have it and you book within your second trimester, I will order something in, JUST FOR YOU!


You should book your newborn session sometime during your pregnancy, usually in your 2nd trimester. I only book a limited number of newborns each month, so I suggest that moms book their session plenty early. Plus the closer to your due date, the most hectic it seems to get, so it's nice to get one of your to-do list items checked off early. But if baby is already here - don't fret! I may have space in my schedule for a last minute session, and I am happy to work with babies up to 2 months old.

Want to add Full Glam? 

We can do that! Janelle McDonnell Photography works alongside Glam Ever After to provide full glam to mamas who would like this service!

She will come to the studio and do mamas hair and makeup while Janelle works with baby for babies portion. By family portion mama will be fully glammed and session ready!

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