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Studio Newborn Session

what to expect, how to prepare your baby, & more!

If you don't already know me, babies are my JAM!

I am a professional baby whisperer and have spent the past few years learning the best ways to soothe, pose, and wrap newborns.

Every single baby is different and in my studio, they run the show.  

I'm a baby led photographer, which means I enter into a session with a plan in place, but ultimately, baby makes the decisions and if they don't like a pose, we'll move on.

When baby needs a break, we'll take a break. 


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Your newborn session will be scheduled during the first 15 days of life. Newborns are most sleepy and content earlier in the day so depending on the day, sessions will start between 9 a.m. & 11 a.m.  Newborn sessions are on weekday mornings unless I happen to have a rare Saturday morning opening.
These first few days & weeks are just so magical and it is such an honor to capture your little babe during this special time. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve found to be super helpful in preparing for your newborn session so it can be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

 Prepping Your Baby

  • Please fully feed your baby right before leaving for the studio.

  • Please lotion the baby up the night prior to the session and the morning of.

  • If bottle fed, bring enough for up to 3 feeds for feeding breaks. 

  • Please remove all bandaids from your baby prior to your session.

  • The morning of your session, dress baby in a loose outfit that zips or snaps up the front with a loose diaper and no tight socks.

  • There is no need to bring anything for the baby to wear. I provide all the wraps, headbands, hats, clothes, and props. Unless there is something special you want to bring for your newborn’s photos, don’t worry about outfits. If there is something special you want to bring, be sure to let me know so I can work a set around it.

  • Even if your baby doesn’t typically use a pacifier, I ask that you bring one as it serves as a wonderful distraction for the baby during the session. They are incredibly helpful in keeping your little one happy when moving from pose to pose. Please bring a SOFT pacifier, such as the Soothie brand (without the stuffed animal attached). Pacifiers with a hard outer shell leave marks on the baby’s face.

best newborn photography corpus christi, baby photographer near me, newborn photography packages
best newborn photography corpus christi, baby photographer near me, newborn photography packages

During the session

  • I always start with babies portion, If you have added on a family portion, I recommend siblings coming for the last 45 minutes of our session. depending on session chosen a session can last from 45 minutes-3 hours for my largest session which can be a long time for siblings to wait, especially when the studio needs to be quiet. I recommend having Dad drive separate or Grandma bringing siblings after. I always will give a 30-40 min heads up for them to head our way. If you need to bring your older child for the duration of the session, please plan to keep them entertained with snacks, quiet toys, books, etc.

  • Plan on blocking out 45 minutes- 1 hour for a petite session, 1-2 hours for a simple and 2-4 hours for the luxe studio session. We'll need lots of time to soothe baby to sleep and take breaks between posing for feedings.

  • I do my best to keep the environment of newborn sessions very calm and peaceful. The more relaxed everyone in the room is, the more relaxed the baby will be. For me this means pulling out the baby whispering skills, for parents this means relaxing and letting the photography magic happen! 

  • The thermostat will be set between 75-80. For the adults, it will be hot, but the baby will be toasty and happy.

  • Behind the scenes photos are welcome and encouraged, but I do ask that families refrain from hovering over my shoulder. I do need a safe space in order to keep baby calm and relaxed. If I do need a hand I definitely will request mom or dads help.

  • Expect patience and attention to detail to rule the day. I spend the majority of a session perfecting poses, backdrops, fingers, etc. and I believe these little things are what makes the difference between a snapshot and a work of art featuring your baby. So that’s what I'll do!


(if you have added on a family portion)

  • I want all of the focus of the image to be on the connection you share with your baby, rather than the clothing. Therefore, I suggest Whites and Neutrals, a white or cream or grey tank top or dress for mom and a matching plain tee for dad with jeans or khakis. Mom/dad and baby shots are close up so most of what you wear will not be shown unless lifestyle approach is chosen.

  • Moms, keep make-up looking at natural as possible. Avoid using too much hairspray; soft hair photographs best with newborns. Be sure to take nail polish off, or paint your nails with a very neutral color. Avoid long earrings or necklaces. We want all the focus to be on you and your baby!

  • Dads, if you’re wearing a new tee shirt be sure to iron out the sleeve crease in advance. Other than that, just relax. It will be over before you know it.

  • Bring a change of clothes…you may be holding a naked baby. You get the idea.




(if you have added on a family portion)

  • A simple white, tan or grey dress, tee or tank with jeans and bare feet. Again, we want the focus to be on the love for baby. Patterns and loud colors bring eyes towards them and away from focus on your cute kiddos.  Please remove their socks and shoes at the start of the session to get them used to it! For little girls please avoid hair accessories unless they are very small and a neutral color these also distract the eyes away from your little ones.

Favorite Shops

Rent the Runway


Morning Lavender

J. Crew 


Free People 



Shop Ruche 

Hazel & Olive
Shabby Apple 
Vici Dolls 
One Loved Babe 
Filly Flair 
Virginia Dare Dress Co.

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When to expect your images

Unless we have a holiday closure, you can expect to receive your newborn photos between 2 and 4 weeks after your session date.

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