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Beautiful Surrogate Maternity Session

This is probably one of my favorite sessions to date. I am absolutely honored I was able to document these moments for Kristy and her surrogate Tonya. We all have different stories, different paths that we travel during our journey through motherhood, this one is full of so much love! It truly takes a special person to sacrifice their body to help grow a family for someone they do not know. I have had the pleasure of photographing Tonya twice and am beyond amazed at her sheer strength through this process. Kristy was visiting Corpus Christi this past week as she prepares for her soon to be little bundle and I am so glad that our paths lined up. You are such a wonderful Mama already Kristy! I hope you and your little wildflower treasure these photos for a lifetime. I pray she always knows just how much love it took to bring her into this world and what a truly special miracle she is!

I cannot wait to meet the rest of your family and your little one in a few short weeks.

- Janelle

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