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Capturing Precious Moments: 6 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photo Shoot with Your Baby Boy

Green Green Green!

Green has been the color of choice this year! Girls or boys, it's stunning on both!

I have been doing newborns for quite some time now and I figured why not share some tips to help you prep your baby for a successful newborn photo shoot!

  1. The night prior be sure to lather the baby up with a non-greasy baby lotion. we don't want shiny babies but a layer of lotion will help calm down peeling skin. Don't worry I always edit every newborn's skin, but this will help!

  2. Dressing baby in a zip-up onesie with fold-over mitts is a plus - no socks/mitts we don't want to lint!

  3. Do not mess up the baby's routine! I love to schedule my newborn sessions first thing in the am and no later than 2 pm anything after that and you are heading into fussing hour ;)

  4. Feed the baby just before walking out the door to head to your session. This ensures the baby is full on arrival and your photographer can get started shortly after you enter her/his studio.

  5. If you have questions as far as newborn safety goes, ask these questions before hiring your photographer! Many photographers have taken newborn safety courses and are infant CPR certified, many have not taken these steps! No matter what Please BE SURE TO BOOK SOMEONE WHO IS! ASK BEFORE BOOKING! You want your precious little one in the best and most competent set of hands. I have done BOTH of these

  6. Once you arrive at your session RELAX, be at ease, and enjoy watching your photographer work her/his magic! I promise if we need your help with a feed or any of the baby's needs, we will pass the baby right back to you :)

If you are looking to have a newborn portrait session taken of your new baby, contact my Corpus Christi portrait studio for more information or to book a photoshoot.

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