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Fresh48 Session- Baby Hayden

My best friends welcomed their sweet baby girl Hayden into the world. This was my first fresh48 in about a year (thanks COVID) and oh how I had missed those brand new babies! I just adore photographing these first few moments of you and your little one, squishy cheeks, wrinkly toes and tiny lips. YOUR body worked so hard to create this new life and these little features will change before you know it. Fresh48s are probably my favorite sessions to document as I get to capture that newness FOREVER. During Fresh48 sessions, I mainly focus on baby, but highly encourage Mom+Dad to hop in a few photos as well, even if they prefer to be in the background. Sometimes parents have a special swaddle or outfit they want used but I always come prepared with a solid gender specific and solid gender neutral wrap just in case!

Have more family at home that you want to partake in these first looks with you? Not to worry, I also offer a “coming home” session where I meet you at home right after you are released from the hospital and document as you bring baby into your home for the very first time! This allows siblings or even grand parents to be part of the photos. Check my session info HERE or shoot me an email for all the details!

I am so happy to say I am now able to come into the hospital to capture these special moments for you and your family as they are now allowing rotating guests! Your safety and the safety of your baby of course is always my first concern. I come prepared with my mask as well as hand sanitizer, I sanitize prior to entering and prior to touching baby if baby needs to be wrapped, adjusted or moved to a parent. All of these maneuvers can be done by a parent if you do so wish.


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