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How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am glad we found each other! This is such an exciting time and it is an honor to work with you during this time of change. As you prepare for your little one to enter the world and join your family, your to-do list is probably growing by the second. Having a professional maternity session may seem like just another item to add to your list, but a maternity session can be a perfect time to remind you of beauty of your body growing that precious life within during your journey of motherhood. You deserve to have this incredible moment in your life captured, to celebrate with your partner and family the joy of a new baby entering your life.

If you have never done a maternity session, you could be wondering where to even start with preparation. Here are a few things to think about as you approach your session.

Plan to book a shoot for your third trimester

The best time to take your photos is in your third trimester, between 28 and 32 weeks. At this point, your bump will be showing well and look great in photos, and you will still be able to move around and pose comfortably. While you can do your maternity session later in your pregnancy, there’s a good chance you will have more trouble posing and standing for long periods of time.

Talk to your photographer about your desires

Every photographer is different and every mom-to-be is different as well. If there are specific images you want—or don’t want—be sure to let your photographer know. Talk to your photographer about what images are important to you and whether you’re interested in doing partial or implied nudes. It’s important to let your photographer know what you’re comfortable with before your session so they can better plan out what shots and poses to do.

Pamper yourself

Hair Makeup and Nails!

-Your hands will appear in almost all of your images, so you want them looking good! Your maternity session is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself a little with a professional manicure.

-Continue your pampering with a visit to a hair and makeup artist, I have a few great suggestions on local MUAs! I highly recommend getting hair and makeup done professionally, if professional hair and makeup is not an option, ask a friend who is really good at hair and makeup, this will help you look and feel your best.

-A pro knows all the tricks and can do your makeup so it shows up best in photos, but if you decide to do your makeup yourself, go a tad bit bolder with your makeup than yo normally wold to make sure your features are well defined in your images.

Get plenty of rest the night before

I know, it can be so hard to get any decent sleep during pregnancy, but if you’re able to, go to bed early and try to get a full night’s sleep. That way, you’ll be refreshed and relaxed at your session the next day!

Decide who to bring with you

Your family members are absolutely welcome at your maternity session, especially if you want to include your spouse or other children. Just keep in mind that extra people can be a distraction and can even make you feel less comfortable in front of the camera, so avoid bringing friends and extended family members along.

- the only exception to this would be to consider bringing someone to help watch your kiddo/s while focus is on you and your partner. You know your kiddos, if you think an extra hand may be helpful to watch the littles, definitely bring that extra hand!

Choose what to wear

-Take time before your session to choose your outfits! I have a great maternity closet for all of my clients to really make this one simple for you! Each of my clients have access to my maternity closet after booking. I have a wonderful assortment of dresses that compliment expecting mamas.

-You will need to pick out clothing for any other family members who will be part of the session and make sure to choose outfits that coordinate and don’t clash with your own. Solids work best. If you are going to throw a print in the mix, only choose one print.

-If you would rather wear your own gown, choose a color that compliments your skin tone. If you need some help with this, do not hesitate to ask! I would be happy to help.

-Keep your colors simple you and your baby bump will be the primary focus of your images, so you don’t want to wear any bright colors or loud patterns that will distract. Instead, stick with neutral colors or jewel tones that will look great with any background.

-Undergarments! Give some thought to your underwear and bras as well. For example, if you’re wearing a white dress, you don’t want to wear dark panties that will show through the fabric. If you plan on doing partially nude images, make sure to bring along lacy undergarments that will look good in your photos. I always recommend nude underwear closest to your skin tone and strapless bra for a majority of the dresses in my client closet.

Prepare on the day of your session

Before your session, make sure to have a light snack and drink plenty of water. Pack a bag of extra snacks and any other items you think you may need throughout your maternity shoot.

-Hydrate your skin, with some non greasy lotion a few hours before your session to make sure your skin is well nourished.

-Skip clothing with tight elastic bands. While you should definitely dress in comfy clothes to go to your session location, be sure to take off any clothes with elastic bands at least an hour before your shoot. Elastic can leave marks on your skin, and you want your skin to look naturally smooth.

-Be sure to remove any hair ties or other tight bands from your wrists. I confiscate so many of these during sessions :) try to plan to remove it an hour prior so you do not have a deep indentation on your wrist!

WHEW! I know, it seems like a lot, but following these helpful tips will help your day run its smoothest, I promise!


- Janelle


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