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Fresh48: Everything you need to know

Fresh48 sessions take place within 48 hours after delivery while mom and baby are still in the hospital, birthing center or even already at home if they had a home birth. They are some of my favorite photo sessions to shoot. There is something so magical about meeting a brand new baby, and it’s an honor to be invited to document such an important family event. The parents may be tired from a long labor, but they are still basking in the joy-filled afterglow of bringing a new life earth-side and it’s a truly special thing to be a part of.

Fresh48 sessions are centered around baby, all of their sweet brand new features that will never again be this tiny, fingers, toes, etc. here are some of the following shots we may get. you can definitely opt out to any of them!

  • Baby alone (close-up shots of face, detail shots of feet, hands and umbilical stump)

  • Mom holding baby

  • Partner holding baby

  • baby in the hospital bassinet, shot of mom with baby in the hospital bed

  • Siblings meeting baby

  • nursing, skin-to-skin time, diaper changes, swaddling

Booking and Scheduling

When booking a Fresh48 with me, I book the mama for her “due date” and I ask them to text me when they’re headed to the hospital, and then again after baby is born. From there, we choose a time for me to come to the hospital, usually later that day or the following day depending on time baby is born.

If my client is having a scheduled C-section, I find out in advance if she’d like her session to occur on the birth day or the day after.

Tip: It is best to book your fresh48 during your second trimester to make sure there is availability as I only accept so many in one month.


After just having a baby, comfort is important, when preparing for this session, find something that makes you feel good. I’ve photographed many moms who wore the hospital gown, however many choose to change into a robe, nursing tank top, or a comfy dress.

For baby, I ask that parents bring a special swaddle/receiving blanket or a coming home outfit. Some parents choose to include a special lovey or toy, name card or anything of significance. There are some really cute options out there that can be purchased with babies name on them & to write babies stats on once they are born. Letter boards are a super cute option as well.

A mother of two myself, I know that the perinatal period is a vulnerable and unpredictable time. You don’t know how labor and delivery will go, how you’ll feel, or how presentable you’ll look. But my hope is that, through sharing these fresh 48 newborn sessions, women will be able to see the tremendous courage, strength and joy they possess, and want to document it as a gift for their children and themselves.



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