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Safety in Newborn Photography: What Parents Need to Know

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Whether you're welcoming your first child or you're adding to your family, I know that your baby's safety is of the utmost importance. As your Corpus Christi Newborn and Family Photographer that's the case for me too! Many parents don't realize that newborn photography can come with risks if it isn't done properly or that they need to be mindful of the photographer they choose for safety reasons. To help protect your precious baby, Im laying out the top facts parents need to know about safety in newborn photography.

Safety is my top priority, ALWAYS!

Some newborn poses feature your baby resting comfortably on a cushion. Others, though, are a bit more creative. It's important to me that my clients know that throughout my newborn photo sessions, I always place safety first. This may mean that we can't get the particular pose you were hoping for. Please know, though, that I am cautious never to put your baby in a position where their head and neck are unsupported, where they may fall, or where they are uncomfortable, so if a particular pose or picture isn't in the cards for us, that's typically why.

Not ALL newborn photographers have safety training!

Newborn photography is not a regulated field. There are no certifications or licenses needed to provide newborn photography. Many people assume that if someone is offering a professional service, they have the training necessary to perform that service safely. UNFORTUNATELY, that isn't a safe assumption to make. I'm proud to have completed extensive training in newborn photography safety and am infant CPR certified, but for any photographer you're considering, always ask about this.

Proper newborn safety training NEVER ends.

As I mentioned, I have completed many newborn safety training courses in my years as a photographer. But guidelines for baby safety changed over the years, and that applies to baby safety in newborn photography too. That's why I consistently take continuing education courses to keep up with the latest knowledge and techniques, and it's important that any newborn photographer does the same.

Some poses need a bit of Photoshop magic for safety

best newborn photographer, Corpus Christi baby photography

You’ll be in the studio during your baby’s newborn photo session, so you might see me get creative with a few poses. In most cases, this is actually for safety reasons.

Take the popular “froggy pose” shown above for example, which shows a baby holding up their head with their hands. Clearly, newborns can’t support themselves in this position. This photo is created with a composite of images, each one with the photographer’s hand supporting the baby’s head from a different side and then combining the images so you don’t see the photographer’s hand. This isn’t a technique that the average person would know, which is one reason it isn't safe for newborn photos to be taken by people who aren’t trained in these techniques.


Your baby doesn’t have to be unsafe or uncomfortable at any time to get stunning newborn photos. I’m proud to create gorgeous yet safety-minded newborn photos for my clients. Contact our Corpus Christi Photography studio and let’s chat about your baby’s portraits.

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