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Fresh48- June 21, 2021

Fresh48 sessions are such special moments to document, I never get over seeing precious little babes only a few hours old. Their tiny feet, their tiny hands and noses. How tiny, how wonderfully made with so much hard work for mama. During these sessions I often chat with mom reflecting on their birth process, and I am always sure to check in on THEM to see how THEY are doing/feeling too. Its so important to check in on the Mamas and not to just swoon over sweet baby. Yes there is a beautiful little peanut, that is so easy to dote on and gush over, but that mama that just did so much work to get her little one here needs checking in on too.

When I stepped into Jahels' recovery room, she was in the company of her Sister and her Auntie. I got started documenting sweet little Valentina who was an absolute angel. After chatting with Mama and doing some solo photos of Valentina and some nursing photos with Mama, her big sister Scarlett and Daddy arrived. This is the first time I have been able to document the full family (with kiddos) in the hospital since covid. It made my heart so happy ! I am so glad that things are beginning to get back to normal around here and cannot wait to document more families welcoming their new additions in the coming months!

- Janelle


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